4PM - 6PM:  Recommended arrival time for campers (the final daylight hours)

6PM - 9PM:  Potluck!  Bring something delicious to share.  Bonus if it is named something Fleetwood Mac themed such as "Fleetwood Mac & Cheese" or "Lindsey Buckinghamburgers".  Those are taken, so you gotta come up with something else...

9PM - MIDNIGHT(?):  Sing-a-long @ the campfire in the amphitheater (weather permitted - no fires are permitted if there's a red flag warning).



9AM - 11AM:  Casual breakfast at the "Kitchen" Campsite.  Cereals and milk will be available (we ask that you make a donation of $ or food if you plan to eat).

11AM - 11:30AM:  The Get Down Boys play some Bluegrass!

11:30AM - NOON:  The Raising of the "Flag"  - a ceremony by the amphitheater

NOON - 2:30PM:  THE FLEETWOOD MAC Album Tribute Concert ("Tusk" and "Rumours" back to back in album order.)

             Over & Over                              Mad Gregs
               The Ledge                                   The Eager Seaver
               Save Me a Place                         Matt Van Winkle
               Sara                                            Tall Tales and the Silver Lining
               What Makes You Think You're the One Brandon Schott
               Storms                                        Yoko Kikuchi
               That's All for Everyone                Kitchen Hips
               Not That Funny                           Gold Paint
               Sisters of the Moon                     White Dove
               Angel                                          CB Brand
               That's Enough for Me                  The Old Round
               Walk a Thin Line                         Fort King

                Dreams                                       GHIANT
                Never Going Back Again            Dorian Wood
                Don't Stop                                  SING A LONG!
                Go Your Own Way                    One Trick Pony
                Songbird                                     Many Distant Cities
                The Chain                                   Bunnies & Kitties
                You Make Loving Fun                The Receptionists
                 I Don't Want To Know              Homesick Elephant
                Oh Daddy                                  Tommy Santee Klaws
                Gold Dust Woman                      One High Five

               3PM:   DORIAN WOOD

               3:30PM:  MAD GREGS

               4PM:  ONE TRICK PONY

               4:30PM:  MATT VAN WINKLE

               5PM:  KITCHEN HIPS

               5:30PM:  A Performance by THE OLD ROUND

6PM - 6:30PM:  Sunset on the Rock

6:30PM - 8PM:  BBQ RECEPTION at the "Kitchen" campsite

8PM - 2AM:  Micro-Events at various locations:

2AM - 2AM:  The FREE hour (It is Daylight Savings Time, so from 2am until 2am, we will have 1 FREE hour of partying - or one free hour of sleep if you don't make it this far into the evening)



9AM - 11AM:  Casual (and quiet!) breakfast at the "Kitchen" Campsite for those early risers.   Cereals and milk will be available (we ask that you make a donation of $ or food if you plan to eat).

11AM - 1PM:  Group brunch

1PM - 3PM:  Unplanned activities!  (Hiking, Staged photos, Board Games, Etc.)

3PM - 6PM:  Cleanup (We can use your help, if you're willing!)